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Many women experience low back pain, headaches arising from the neck and pelvic girdle pain (PGP), previously know as symphysis pubis pain (SPD), during pregnancy. This quite often makes what should be an exciting and enjoyable time very uncomfortable and miserable. Many expectant mothers are told to put up with this as it is to be expected when they are pregnant.

There are several reasons for pain to occur during pregnancy; one being the hormonal and physical changes that are happening to the body, but another and often ignored reason is poor musculoskeletal health that was already present prior to becoming pregnant.

Our mostly sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise often means that the body struggles to cope with the strain of the pregnancy and as a result many women suffer a lot of pain.

At Livingston Chiropractic Astrid treats pregnant women to help restore muscle and joint function to relieve pain and stiffness. A well aligned pelvis also gives the baby the best chance to be in the correct position prior to labour and delivery.

The treatment is tailored to each individual patient and is very gentle and safe. You will also be given advice on exercises and stretches to help you through your pregnancy along with guidance to assist with breastfeeding and getting back into shape after the birth.

To ensure your adjustment is as comfortable as possible we use a pregnancy pillow from Belloost. This allows patients to lie and move comfortably during treatment.

What Can I Do to Help Myself?

The following measures may help:

You should avoid anything that may make your symptoms worse, such as:

Some Pregnancy Internet Sources: